Redefining co-work
through an inclusive community

Redefining co-work,
through an inclusive community

Much more than
a desk

Since our first space opened in 2016, theDesk has been redefining the way co-working is done.

We see the value of co-work being people, connections and community, rather than lush furniture and fancy pantries. Our obsession with people is clear from the way we designed our workspaces: sleek and purposely minimalist. Our spaces are the canvas, the people in them are the star.

But we offer so much more than a well-designed space.

Our members are part of an inclusive community made up not only of fellow members, but also our neighbors in the building and the nearby vicinity. While members do their work, we work our magic in fostering fruitful synergies. We connect entrepreneurs with corporations, problems with solutions, one good idea with another. We actively participate in our local neighborhoods and invite our neighbors to our spaces for various occasions.

It’s a co-working environment that empowers everyone.

Growing with and through people

We cater to businesses of all sizes, from the old to new economies, because we believe that nurturing an inclusive community is a powerful way to drive business results. Find out how this environment translates to maximum opportunities for our members and neighbors.

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