Redefining co-work through
a collaborative community

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Redefining co-work through
a collaborative community

Much more than a desk

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From the first space we opened in 2016 our team has been rethinking the way collaborative work is done because collaboration doesn’t just happen.

Collaboration between people has to be cultivated, moderated, and facilitated. We are constantly looking for ways to help you to cope and overcome your business challenges and future uncertainties. That’s why we are not only exploring how people work together in a physical space, we are designing virtual collaborative practices and solutions as well. This allows you to connect and to collaborate wherever you are and anytime of the day. Helping you to grow using the collective intelligence of our community.

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One simple idea can change the world.
Now more than ever, the business community needs to work together to overcome the challenges it faces in the short and long term.  At theDesk, we believe in the power of collaborative communities. Our set up is to provide a platform for you and your organization to make a real difference and effect positive change which will make Hong Kong future-ready.

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