Wanted x Rise x theDesk Recruiting Carnival: From Alpha to Growth

Wanted and theDesk have partnered with RISE Conference and brought a revolutionary recruiting carnival for startups in Hong Kong. RISE is the largest tech and startup conference in Asia with over 17,000 attendees, 700 startups and 150 speakers from across Asia. Wanted and theDesk has partnered with Rise to bring startups who are looking to hire.

More than 400 guests joined our event through the night, having almost 20 companies, including our members ZühlkeWhoot! and JetOne Motion Hong Kong at theDesk United Centre central park, recruiting talents and sharing their company's development.

We are more than happy to bring our neighbors and our members together in this meaningful and extraordinary hiring event. We truly believe that driving innovation through inclusive community, and that's why we strive to build new possibilities with our members and neighbors all the time.

Click here for highlights of the night!

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