Art Exhibition: Bringing People Together by Fuquan Junze

Before words and letters were developed, visual fine arts of drawings and painting are best understood as the very first language known to humanity. It was developed as a tool of communication very much like spoken and written language. Like language, its successful factor is when communication happens and the message can be delivered across to other people, bringing people together.

In this exhibition, we are collaborating with Fuquan Junze, a realism artist who will be exhibiting his collection of realism art which includes portraits of the friends he's met from all walks of life and the universal language of emoji.

Art Exhibition runs on till September 20, 2019 (Mon - Fri, 9am - 6pm, except public holidays)

theDesk members enjoy special discount on realism portrait drawings, to learn more email: jermaine@thedesk.com.hk

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