Getting people together: building an empowering company culture

Behind every successful company are a clear vision and a set of ground values that form the backbone, the “why and how” of a business. And while culture is a powerful tool that drives organizations growth, innovativeness and longevity, it is often treated as a management consulting fad and is sacrificed in the context of stretched resources, unmanageable workloads and competing demands.

Figuring out your ground values and guiding principles early on proves to be beneficial for the company well-being and future growth.

theDesk sets out to explore in the upcoming Inspiring Thursday how to formulate the company culture from the beginning, which role it plays in company growth and organizational transformation.

We have invited 4 prominent speakers to share their experiences and observations about the role of culture in getting people together and empowering them to achieve a common goal.

Join us for the next Inspiring Thursday Talk!

We bring 4 Speakers and 4 perspectives.

Darren Cunliffe - Chief Operating Officer at theDesk.

Marko Simic - Head of Competence Unit at Zühlke will share about why culture need to change beyond “it’s good enough”.

Michael Tam (Chief Creative Catalyst) & Patrick Cheung (Strategy & Experience Design Lead) at IBM iX will share the story of a large corporation embracing culture of failure and venturing into the “why”.

Event update 10 October 2019

The event is happening!

We will have light beverages provided.

Event run-down:

6:30 pm - open doors and registration

7 pm - start of the panel discussion

8 pm - wrap up

See you tonight!

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact Polina (polina@thedesk.com.hk)

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