roundPegz Series: Build Your Game with Lego®SeriousPlay®

Is this workshop for you?

Every year we start with resolutions and goal-setting. But way too often the well-meant intentions stay in the realm of ideas and are not put into practice. The very first stumbling block is not knowing where and how to start.

If you want to change this, want more clarity in your vision for 2020 and a path on how to get there while at the same time having fun, then this workshop is for you!

Organised by roundPegz fellow Iva Sladic Keco, founder of WakeMake and an experienced certified Lego®SeriousPlay® facilitator, the workshop through play and interaction will help you build an actionable plan to carry out your dreams.

About the workshop

The workshop lasts two hours. You will play in pairs with specially selected Lego bricks set. Although, primarily this is a demo workshop you will also leave with valuable insight and game plan for your future. Fun, challenging questions and the new perspective on your life are guaranteed.

There is no preparation needed, but you need to come with a partner. It can be your best friend, colleague, spouse, mom, dad, sibling, aunt...whoever you fancy. You will discover amazing things together.

Workshop will be conducted in English. 

A few words about the workshop facilitator.

Iva Sladic Keco, WakeMake, Organiser of Build Your Game with Lego®SeriousPlay®

Iva Sladic Keco is passionate about facilitating group alignment and the creative problem-solving process. She is the founder and CEO of WakeMake, Hong Kong-based innovation and change consultancy and her clients are businesses and organisations that want to build innovation capable teams.

About roundPegz

roundPegz is a community of disruptive thinkers working with theDesk to try and help community members develop excellent work practices, deep industry knowledge and meaningful relationships in today’s complex and competitive world. 

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