Cancelled roundPegz series: Build your productive day with Lego®SeriousPlay®

Hi everyone,

Taking in consideration the current situation in Hong Kong we decided to cancel Lego® Serious Play® workshops in March in order to ensure your safety.

More Lego workshops to come in the future, so stay tuned.

Thank you for your continuous interest and support of theDesk and of roundPegz initiative! See you next time! 

We all want to be more productive and make the best use of our days. Being productive is especially difficult when we are tasked with creative work. There are some smart and extremely disciplined people out there that can make it work and be very productive and creative. To be creatively productive you need to become disciplined. 

Come to this workshop if you want to figure out how might you get more disciplined to be more creative.

About the workshop

You will be introduced to the Lego®SeriousPlay® method by Iva Sladic Keco, an experienced certified Lego®SeriousPlay® facilitator who will guide you through the process of basic skills building and exploration of personal productivity.

The workshop lasts two hours and it will be conducted in English. You will play in pairs with specially selected Lego bricks set. This is a demo workshop but you will also leave with valuable insight, challenging questions, and a new perspective on your life.

There is no preparation needed, but you need to come with a partner. It can be your best friend, colleague, spouse, mom, dad, sibling, aunt...whoever you fancy. You will discover amazing things together.

A few words about the workshop facilitator.

Iva Sladic Keco, WakeMake, Organizer of Build Your Game with Lego®SeriousPlay®. Iva is passionate about facilitating group alignment and the creative problem-solving process. She is the founder and CEO of WakeMake, Hong Kong-based innovation and change consultancy and her clients are businesses and organizations that want to build innovation capable teams.

About roundPegz

roundPegz is a community of disruptive thinkers working with theDesk to try and help community members develop excellent work practices, deep industry knowledge and meaningful relationships in today’s complex and competitive world.

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