Coffee & Cocktails with Becky Andree | Leadership Effectiveness

Today’s theme:

Maturity – Is it an outdated model or a requirement for leadership effectiveness?

We intuitively know that leadership is more than just what a leader knows or a list of competencies. We use language that indicates leadership levels have different cognitive or maturity ‘demands’:

_ It is a big jump from manager to director. I don’t think s/he is ready for that complex of a role.

_ S/he have reached their ceiling, they aren’t promotable into a bigger role.

_ S/he has some growing up to do. They need experiences to understand fully the nuances of that next role.

In the past, succession planning was often about getting leaders’ specific experience(s) or ‘waiting’ until they were ready for expanded roles. But the pace of business has accelerated.

Can we afford to wait until someone is ready? Are there ways to accelerate their ‘readiness’?

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Hosted by:

Dr. Richard Claydon & Oscar Venhuis


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