Contemporary Art Series: What is Contemporary Art and why invest in it?

In 2019, Italian artist Maurizio Cattelan sold a banana taped to the wall for US$120,000. In 2018, the painting, “Girl With a Balloon” by Banksy was sold for US$ 1.4 million. The art piece shredded itself as soon as it was sold.

In 2015, pranksters put an IKEA print on the walls of a museum, tricking more than a dozen art lovers into thinking that the print was a valuable piece of modern art.

Contemporary Art is powerful and controversial. You can love it or hate it. But it’s hard to stay indifferent and to ignore that the Contemporary Art market became the next big thing for a lot of people looking for alternative investment.

theDesk invited our member Fonny, from Tanya Baxter Contemporary, to help us figure out what all the craze is about and why people invest in art.

In the first session of the 3-part art talk series, Fonny will explain why the Contemporary art market is booming. You will gain an in-depth understanding of the art market, its trends and drivers behind the growth in value of the art pieces. We will also discuss what is Contemporary Art and how is it different from Modern Art.

Join us for art evenings at theDesk United Centre!

About Tanya Baxter Contemporary

Tanya Baxter Contemporary, based in both London and Hong Kong, is a leading art consultancy and gallery with over twenty years experience working in the Post-Modern, Modern British and Contemporary art markets. 

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