Inspiring Thursday: Hiring the right people to the right role?

The process of recruitment dates back to very early times. Although we as human beings have solid experiences in hiring for more than decades, we sometimes struggle to match the right talents with the right roles.

The hiring process is rapidly changing as technology and the society progresses. Stepping into the second quarter of 2019, theDesk organised a panel discussion with influential leaders of the talent acquisition industry, including cpjobs, Helper Choice, LinkedIn, Wanted and Wellesley to share their insights and the future of hiring trends.

Key topics that we have covered on 14th March

  • The Hiring Trend in 2019
  • What and how the new technology, methodology and direction re-shape the recruiting and hiring process
  • Tips for employers
  • How to make sure the employers hire the right people for the right role?
  • What is the mindset of nowadays job seekers? What are the important elements that they are looking for?

Click the following link to see the highlights of this meaningful Discussion! Inspiring Thursday Series: Hiring the right people to the right role?

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