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Shifting from traditional offices to co-working spaces can be daunting at first. How much do I have to share? How much private space can I enjoy? It’s important to bear in mind that co-working does not equate to exposing everything about yourself or your business. In fact, co-working spaces should allow you to collaborate and connect with a community while maintaining your privacy at work.

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Flexible Exposure

At a place where sharing ideas and collaborating with others is highly encouraged, the team that runs the co-working space is key to ensuring that the advantages of networking don’t come at the cost of privacy. Since each member has their own preference when it comes to sharing, co-working spaces have to be particularly flexible and adaptable in regard to the needs of their members.

This is why Erba Sheung Wan provides different types of workspaces to each customer, according to their specific needs. If a newcomer is looking for their own space but is still open to socializing and connecting with members and potential partners, we recommend that they move into a private office in the middle of our innovative melting pot. Proper walls, rather than glass panels, are installed in every private office to ensure that confidentiality is maintained while also preventing external distractions. Each private office is also equipped with a smart lock ensuring secure access throughout the day and night and seven days a week. Right outside these private offices are communal spaces in which you can meet new people, potential customers and partners. On the other hand, if someone is hoping to collaborate and network regularly, our hot desks are likely the most suitable option. Here they’ll be able to find endless inspiration from other members in their nearby vicinity. Either way, our member’s needs are always our primary concern and whatever level of privacy they require, it’s guaranteed.

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Erba Sheung Wan installed proper walls in every private office to ensure confidentiality and prevent external distractions with smart lock.

Community Connection

It is important to note that privacy doesn’t mean being isolated nor does it equate to solitude. It simply means you’re respected to keep things to yourself but, of course, are entitled to connect with the community when you desire. That’s where co-working spaces have to strike a good balance and enable members to have access to both. In a co-working space, it’s not only hot desks and communal spots that provide environments within which to interact, the wide variety of events held at the space also offer an avenue to integrate with the community. These events can range from more laid-back social gatherings to more serious networking events, either way the opportunity for members to mingle is ever present.

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Be it a friendly networking event with your business partners, a media launch of your products or just an off-site team meeting, you can flexibly connect with the required stakeholders while utilizing the event space in Erba Sheung Wan. Members of Erba Sheung Wan can also take advantage of theDesk’s Inclusive Community, enabling them to further collaborate and connect with a wide range of businesses and neighbors.


Erba Sheung Wan provide a professional workspace with high privacy in a co-working environment with bright, spacious and productive spaces.

Assistive Interior Design

To truly achieve a balance between privacy and collaboration, mere hard work from the team who run the co-working space isn’t enough. When originally designing the interior of the space, the concept of privacy must be kept in mind. A well-designed co-working space is able to facilitate the efficient flow between one’s private space and communal area, herby striking a good work vs. leisure balance.

For example, a circular or rectangular floor plan will help bring members together no matter which parts of the space they’re in. Another tip is to scatter facilities across the office so that members are cajoled to wander around every day. This will help them get out of their own space and into the more collaborative areas. Locations such as private offices, dedicated desks and meeting room have to be placed very carefully so that members who utilize them feel respected within their own space rather than feeling isolated.

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At first, the word “privacy” may seem at odds with the concept co-working. However, at a well-designed space, the co-existence of the two is naturally encouraged. If you’re wondering what that looks like, we invite you to come and take a tour of our partner site, Erba Sheung Wan, today.

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