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Member Stories: Essentia – Bringing big effects through little changes

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It is a privilege for us to have Louis Hou, the co-founder of Essentia in our new Member Stories sharing Essentia’s vision in providing learning experiences to develop the essence of people.

Essentia believes that by providing outstanding learning experiences to companies no matter SMEs, MNCs or listed organizations, a higher level of essence in people can be achieved. Essentia, partnered with professional facilitators from different background provides learning experiences ranging from work communications, team development, leadership development, strategic planning and other learning programs. Providing clients with one-of-a-kind learning experiences with in-depth learning, Essentia aims at provoking learners’ interest and proactiveness in learning.

As a startup, Louis shares that Essentia, similar to theDesk, is not creating something entirely new but adding some new elements to the existing, in their case, it is the new form of the powerful learning experience. Louis believes it is the small changes Essentia does which magnifies their effects of business.

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