theDesk Sai Wan

Award-winning location with a contemporary industrial design. All offices have windows - some with private balconies. theDesk’s first location and the original ‘inclusive community’.

This workplace feels like home and is a world away from a conventional office. With warm lighting and a friendly atmosphere, theDesk Sai Wan is a popular choice for NGOs and the creative industries. Have a coffee at the terrace. theDesk’s first opened its doors here six years ago and it’s remained iconic at the heart of Hong Kong’s Western District.

Good to Know

Convenient street-level access with shop-front location. Pet-friendly and only minutes from HKU MTR. A popular neighbourhood space with many Members living close by.

Award-winning design - theDesk’s first location in Hong Kong

Phone: +852 3706 8976


511 Queen’s Road West, Sai Wan, Hong Kong

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At theDesk, we believe in the power of collaborative communities. We are continuously building a network of productive and connected destinations where like-minded businesses and individuals can explore shared value.

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