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A recent study has shown that more than 70% of people find working in a co-working space more productive than a traditional office. The ways in which theDesk’s Leighton Centre, One Hysan Avenue and Sai Wan sites deliver productivity will already be familiar to our members and associates. Yet, our partner site Erba Sheung Wan is relatively new to the scene and while its main values – increasing member productivity and adding value to their businesses – will be recognizable to many of you, we wanted to explain how these could help you achieve your goals.
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Productivity First

Erba Sheung Wan, similarly to theDesk, provides members with an inclusive and collaborative space that acts as a melting pot for all manner of ideas. As over 80% people agree that co-working spaces provide them with wider business and social networks, we’ve knitted together a diverse network that affords members numerous opportunities to further drive their companies forward. Yet, we’re not satisfied by simply bringing people together in our space and through our community manager we ensure that everyone’s needs are understood, suitable parties are connected, and meaningful partnerships are created.

While we pride ourselves on being welcoming, we also value having a secure and private site. Therefore, our site is protected with an advanced smart lock. This state-of-the-art design ensures our members have secure, around the clock, access to the site which enables them to stay productive through the day and night. To further cater to members’ varying needs, Erba Sheung Wan provides a choice of dedicated desks – which come with a supporting storage cabinet – or private offices. There is also a shower room that’s particularly useful for members who want to stay refreshed when working long hours.

We also ensure that a quiet environment is always available as we deem a peaceful atmosphere to be conducive to increasing productivity. This further falls in line with our co-work 2.0 principle – whereby the ambiance of the space is curated with our members’ productivity in mind.

Erba_Dedicated Desk

Besides the private rooms, Erba Sheung Wan provides dedicated desks as well with storage cabinet and drawer.

Calm and Collected

While the interior design of a co-working space may not strike you as being a key factor in guaranteeing productivity just consider the following question. Would you be able to focus on your work with somebody playing table tennis next to you? The answer is most likely no and that’s why we’ve progressed from co-work 1.0. Echoing the co-work 2.0 principle, the layout of Erba Sheung Wan remains simple and minimalist. While some people prefer working in a leisurely environment, we believe in something more professional and by keeping the furniture muted and installing proper walls in every private office, we provide an environment in which members can focus on their work and be free from distractions. In this way, members are able to dedicate 100% of their attention to their work without wasting energy on unnecessary interruptions. We feel that our interior design is truly reflective of our core mission and values.

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For example, our space was designed with all manner of events and activities in mind. Hereby, creating a platform from which our members can connect with various kinds of businesses and pursue the opportunities available to them. When the area is rented out for external events, members are also encouraged to connect with our neighboring businesses for closer collaboration. In doing so, members not only stay in touch with fellow members but also with neighboring businesses.


Co-working provides a great balance between private and collaborative space. A private office helps members to focus on their work and be free from distractions. While open collaborative spaces lead to connections.

Cohesive Collaboration

At Erba Sheung Wan, all members join with a clear business goal – to add value to their companies through a collaborative platform. When everyone shares the aim of increasing productivity and efficiency, we’re able to generate a sense of belonging within the community which ultimately brings our members closer together. Be it a blossoming partnership, professional advice or a potential investment opportunity, we believe that our members are the best resource for one another and it’s no surprise that over two thirds of people are found to feel more collaborative in co-working spaces. Encouraging cohesive collaboration is the key to unlocking the power of the neighborhood and ensuring our members benefit from a shared economy.

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Whether it’s Erba Sheung Wan or theDesk, we’re all part of an inclusive community. This means that every member matters and that we’re always striving to collaborate and drive our neighborhoods to new heights. If that sounds like the type of working environment you’re looking for, don’t hesitate – book a tour at Erba Sheung Wan today and experience it for yourself.

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