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Orichal Partners

Orichal Partners is a systematic investment management & advisory firm, focuses on alternative investments. Combining multi-strategies and uncorrelated approaches to seek consistent and risk-adjusted returns for our proprietary capital portfolios, utilizing robust research and trading technologies built in-house.

As a technology and investment firm, Orichal Partners comprises of a team of engineers and quantitative analysts who work at the forefront of technology, and financial professionals with 10+ years of experience from tier-1 Investment Banks and Asset Management houses.

With specialty in blockchain & digital/crypto-assets, Orichal develops automated institutional analytics, research, trading platform and strategies, leverage the latest research in big data, trading algorithm, risk management, machine learning and A.I. engine to power them instead of human beings, applicable across various asset classes.

Orichal Partners have offices in both Hong Kong and Seoul, with advisors based in California. 


Scottie Siu
電話: +852 96633022

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